Help HeilRJ

Nov 15


Hello my friends, yesterday i was informed by youtube’s legal’s team that i have to indemnify Mediapro (owners of La Liga’s content) in 15,000 dollars due to some recent videos that i posted (including if you noticed, i had to remove some of them, like „Messi destroying Bernabeu“, „Messi Skills – Look Closely“, „Ronaldinho – Top 50 Goals“, „Alexis – Top 10 Goals“ and others.

If i’ll don’t pay this amount in just 15 business days counting from today, my channel will be closed and i will be charged in the court. So, i have to pay this until December 5.

The bad news is that i am not a rich guy and i don’t have all this money to pay 15,000 dollars.

So, the only way that i found to try to keep this channel alive, is ask you, my friends, to do a donation via paypal, and we’ll try to collect these 15,000.

Nowadays, we have almost 240 thousands subscribers. If just 1% of the subscribers collaborate, we’ll reach this mark..

Don’t worry about the value of your donation. Every cent donated with your heart, will be important for me.

The paypal account for donation is (

If you donate something, please inform your name via email ( because if i pay this indemnification and maintain this channel safe, i’ll make a video with the name of all the people that helped me.

Thank you, guys, and sorry for disturb with something like this, but this is the only way that i found to try to keep this channel.