FMS IS BACK!! [Read The Description]

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Guys I’m Re uploading this video to tell you I’m Back After Get Hacked, Read what really happened!
( This video will be removed, the original still on the channel)
I’M BACK!! Yes, Finally This Time it’s me. FMS. Okey so let me explain what Happened..
First of all I’VE NEVER TRIED TO SELL MY CHANNEL. This Kid contacted me, saying he’s great fan of my work and asked me to comment on his video, and i did it… i had normal conversation with him, like i always do with my fans /subscribers that asks things about my channel, editing tips… Well, so he told me he wanted to buy my channel, that’s true and of course i didn’t trust me and i never wanted to sell it, first he’s just a 17yrs kid, second, he would never had the enough money to buy such a big channel, and finaly the fake video he uploaded titled „my story“i want to tell you this video is completely fake, he faked all our conversation to try making me lose subscribers, plus, he did it because my great friend Javier Nathaniel uploaded a video helping me to flag him once i had no accsses to my channel,so i had no way to stop him, So as some of you could see, he uploaded that faked video many times trying to destroy my channel and even worse to try making me look bad, the only thing dirty i said was „i’ll go to england and i swear i’ll destroy you“ and some other nasty words too, anyways, he faked almost everything… To my subscribers. i feel sorry if some of you trusted him and his faked screenshots when he said he bought the channel from me. but this is there’s only true and fortunatelly my great friends can confirm exactly what i’m saying, especialy TEOCRIand SCOUTNATION (who he has tried to scam before. Thanks to Javier Nathaniel , also HeilRJ, and other mates who helped me alot, we avoid him to sell the channel on a website, Just few minutes after steal the channel from me, it’s insane how can 17yrs old kid hack someone so easily, i’m still wondering how he did..because i didn’t share any password with him plus i have two step verification on my account.. So Many Thanks once again to Youtube, and website where he tried to sell my channel they flaged him and he got banned there too, so i hope he pays for all damaged he caused to me. Thanks to my Network for helping me to Recovery all 125 videos he deleted l’ll have to re-upload some videos, but toggetter we can make FMS Rise again, Thanks to everyone who Helped me!
(If you have Any question, Just comment below, i’ll try to reply)
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(This video Will be removed in a few days, the origanal one still on the channel)
Song : Tom Day – Who We Want To Be