Cristiano Ronaldo: The Biography | Official Trailer By Lorenzo Faraoni

Feb 26

Based on the original book by Guillem Balague, Lorenzo Faraoni presents a new brand movie inspired from the biography of Cristiano Ronaldo!

The full video will be available on his channel at 09.03.16


This video is scripted, edited and produced by Lorenzo Faraoni. The quotes that you see on the trailer were made by the most influent football video editors on Youtube, after having seen an exclusive preview of the full movie. Here a thanks to all of them and the list of their opinions on it:

in order of appearance:

MNComps: „Perfect footballer, just like the movie”
Peradze: „Superlative“
HeilRJ: „A work of Art!“
FibraFootballVideos: „Sensational“
FeelMyStyle: „This is Class! Amazing video from an amazing editor“
MrBundesteam: „Incredible“
Rom7ooo: „Breathtaking“
TeoCRi: „World Class!“
ScoutNationHD: „This is amazingly good!“
SportVideosMM: „Crazy Stuff“
MNXHD: „Professional, Inspiring, Emotional. Must Watch!“

„Man in a Red Suit“, Written and performed by Junkie XL
© WMG, Editions Milan Music

N.B. Not all of this footages and commentaries will be on the full movie, this is just for promotion.