Cristiano Ronaldo – Emotions | 2012 HD

Jul 18

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This video is made by VHJrTV. It shows Cristiano Ronaldo’s highlights/best moments/emotions/most important moments in the season of 2011/2012 with Real Madrid and Portugal. He played wonderful, but he didn’t have the luck. He tried to win La Liga, CL and the Euro. He won La Liga, but in the CL and at the Euro his team failed in the semi-final in the penalty-shootout, two times. He scored 60 Goals in 54 Games. He scored against all teams of La Liga. He just didn’t have this luck. He worked hard, played very well and really deserves the Ballon D’Or 2012!

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17-06-2012 20:45 Portugal Netherlands Euro 2012
13-06-2012 18:00 Portugal 3 : 2 Denmark Euro 2012
09-06-2012 20:45 Portugal 0:1 Germany Euro 2012
19-05-2012 20:45 Bayern München 1:1 Chelsea FC
17-04-2012 20:45 Bayern München 2:1 Real Madrid #-#
18-04-2012 20:45 Chelsea 1:0 Barcelona #-#
21-04-2012 20:00 Barcelona 1:2 Real Madrid ##
24-04-2012 20:45 Barcelona 2:2 Chelsea #-#
25-04-2012 20:45 Real Madrid 2:1 Bayern München #-#
19-04-2012 21:05 Atletico Madrid – Valencia #-#
19-04-2012 21:05 Sporting Lissabon – Athletic Bilbao #-#
26-04-2012 21:05 Valencia – Atletico Madrid #-#
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