Angel Di Maria ● Crazy Rabona Show

Aug 24

Angel Di Maria’s crazy rabona goal, assists and passes show
Ángel Di María ● Crazy Rabona Show
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Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández is an Argentine professional footballer who currently plays for Manchester United and the Argentine national team, as a winger or attacking midfielder.
In association football, the rabona is a method of kicking the football whereby the kicking leg is wrapped around the back of the standing leg—effectively with one’s legs crossed.

There are several reasons why a player might opt to strike the ball this way: for example, a right-footed striker advancing towards the goal slightly on the left side rather than having the goal straight in front may feel that his shot power or accuracy with his left foot is inadequate, so will perform a „rabona“ in order to take a better shot. Another scenario could be a right-footed winger sending a cross while playing on the left side of the pitch without having to turn first. Another reason why a player could perform a rabona might be to confuse a defending player, or simply to show off his own ability as it is considered a skillful trick at any level.

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