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Apr 09

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Uruguay vs Germany 2:3 3rd Place
Netherlands vs Spain 0:1 World Cup Weltmeisterschaft Finale
Germany vs Spain 0:1
Uruguay vs Netherlands 3:3
Spain vs Paraguay 1:0
Argentina vs Germany 0:4
Uruguay vs Ghana 5:3
Netherlands vs Brazil 2:1
Spain vs Portugal 1:0
Paraguay vs Japan 5:3
Brazil vs Chile 3:0
Netherlands vs Slovakia 2:1
Argentina vs Mexico 3:1
Germany vs England 4:1
USA vs Ghana 1:2
Uruguay vs South Korea 2:1
Switzerland vs Honduras 0:0
Chile vs Spain 1:2
Portugal vs Brazil 0:0
North Korea vs Cote D’Ivoire 0:3
Danmark vs Japan 1:3
Cameroon vs Netherlands 1:2
Slovakia vs Italy 3:2
Paraguay vs New Zealand 0:0
Ghana vs Germany 0:1
Australia vs Serbia 2:1
Slovenia vs England 0:1
USA vs Algeria 1:0
Greece vs Argentina 0:2
Nigeria vs South Korea 2:2
France vs South Africa 1:2
Mexico vs Uruguay 0:1
Spain vs Honduras 2:0
Chile vs Switzerland 1:0
Portugal vs North Korea 7:0
Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire 3:1
Italy vs New Zealand 1:1
Slovakia vs Paraguay 0:2
Cameroon vs Danmark 1:2
Ghana vs Australia 1:1
Netherlands vs Japan 1:0
England vs Algeria 0:0
Slovenia vs USA 2:2
Germany vs Serbia 0:1
France vs Mexico 0:2
Greece vs Nigeria 2:1
Argentina vs South Korea 4:1
South Africa vs Uruguay 0:3
Spain vs Switzerland 0:1
Honduras vs Chile 0:1
Brazil vs North Korea 2:1
Portugal vs Cote D’Ivoire 0:0
New Zealand vs Slovakia 1:1
Italy vs Paraguay 1:1
Japan vs Cameroon 1:0
Netherlands vs Danmark 2:0
Germany vs Australia 4:0
Serbia vs Ghana 0:1
Algeria vs Slovenia 0:1
England vs USA 1:1
Argentina vs Nigeria 1:0
South Korea vs Greece 2:0
Uruguay vs France 0:0
South Africa vs Mexico 1:1
Fc Bayern Nünchen Munich vs Inter [5/22/2010] Highlights
Fc Bayern München vs Sv Werder Bremen DFB Pokal Finale in Berlin 15/05/2010
Diego Forland vs Fulham Euro League Finale Goals & Highlights
Fulham1:2 Atletico Madrid